Empire East Land Holdings Inc. – San Lorenzo Place Tower 3

EDSA Cor. Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City

Project Description:

San Lorenzo Place Tower 3 project under Contract Package 3-12 is a interior design works for ground floor residential lobby and mailroom, 6th Floor Podium Lobby and Hallway, 7th to 36th Floor hallway, Elevator Lobby and Pipe Chase for all level, and FOA 3 elevator Cab with a total area of 1,967.45m2 .

Contract Package 3-12: Interior Design Works is composing of Ceiling Works, Wall Finishes, Floor Finishes, Reception Counter Works, Installation of Lightings Fixtures, and Installation of Pipe Chase Door with laminated finishes, and Specialty (Steel Signage, Artwork Walls, and Abaca Panels).

Project Progress as of February 26, 2019

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Let my love enable you.

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Hebrews 13:21
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